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Woking with GtkTreeModel and GtkTreeStore

On this article you will learn how to create a PHP-GTK model to place your informations stored on database ,files, or in another data repository systems .

The technique is to use some specific widgts, allowing the system to work right.

I will make all this stuff using OOP on PHP5-GTK2 dev. based, so if you don´t know nothing about classes or object oriented programming, i recomend you to read a few thing about it (there´s enought documentation about it on Internet, use google and search 4 "php oop" , it will show a large list of related web sites).
I personally recommed you this :

On first snippet i will dev. an basic example by using the widgets ,GtkListStore ,GtkTreeView and GtkRenderText.

Here´s the inheritance diagram used for this aplication

To make work go faster i will build a generic class to create the windows, using the inheritance GtkWindow and GtkVBox used as container

Save this file above as ""

and write the next class and check how the process to build the list was made.

Result of this code:

Example as shown on my book "PHP5-GTK2 - Criação de aplicações com interfáce gráfica"

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