quinta-feira, 24 de maio de 2007

The world is from Google

There are two concepts of Internet.
Before and after Google.

The Google company is already a giant that faces and threats Microsoft.
Future applications will be all web-based (if not all majority), and Google
takes a long advance on this area.
Microsoft saw Google at the begining as one company more - "companies on web take a least 5 years" - someone said.
Google it´s a live prove that it isn´t true.
The success of the company was to build a friendly, but complex , funtional, and stable system of web searching.
Any kid on this world know what Google is.
Google´s secret is inovation - check Google Maps - this product has a big sucess on web based aplications, can be embbed on GPS devices (i don´t know if it's available already).
TV Networks station use it on they diary news, to jump and show general view of countries in question of seconds (portuguese tv networks do it).
Almost any web based aplication use Google maps to show companies location , and so one.
Gmail was other success - meanwhile hotmail still anti-functional (hotmail download system sucks), and with just a few resources, when compared to Gmail.

Gmail mail box has already a Powerpoint embbed system, so you don´t need to download the file to see it (amazing at least).
Google has available others innovative systems as :

Google code search - find available code of any programming language
Google Books - Consult books as you are on a real librarie (some books are incomplete)~
Goole earth - visit all countries in world, see buildings (some on 3 D view)
Google Videos - Upload your videos freely
Youtube - Upload your videos freely
Google Tools - a comple package of all essencial tools totally free
Goolge AddSense - advertise your company or earn money advertising

The main surprise is the Operating System that Google is building - it will be called GooOS and will be the most powerfull OS seeing in the world.
And rumors promess it will be free also.
Why Google have success among users and companies ?
Simple answer - all they do works, it´s funtional and practical.

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