quinta-feira, 10 de maio de 2007


PHP Classes is a world wide repository to all PHP programmers may publish their scripts freely.

On this web site you have free classes related to all programming domains, since database hadling, xml parsing , dom, soap and lots of resources more.
This communitary web site was created by Manuel Lemos , a portuguese programmer and the currently site administrator.
I decide to annouce this site, because i also have my classes published there.
Last year one of those classes was rewarded by the award "PHP CLASSES INOVATION AWARD".
All the classes are free to use since you respect the lisence writed by the author on each package.
This is great to study others programmers code , and check how some programming steps are done, when you didn´t get idea how it works.
You can just use it, and save some of your precious time .

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