sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2007

Windows Vista First Impression

Five mouths after Windows Vista have been for sale, and while all people talks about it, i decide to try it.

I installed it under minimum requirements

> 1 GHz 32-bit (x86)
> 512 MB of system memory
> 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space

These are Microsoft recommended system requirements .
First impression was good.Nice insterface, totally redesigned, Aero System, drives encryptation, a new search system ( personally , i prefer XP system),Direct x 10...Transparence windows management and some new features ... All seems ok, but if ever work on ,MacOS you easy check that Vista is totally based on it.Other is that when install your basic software (drivers , and some few prefered apps) you check that you have 20 Gb to run almost an OS.Vista is heavy and "eats " losts of memory , so with the 512 Mb it will be more like a drager.If Vista design impress you can install Ubuntu , and you don´t need to upgrade your system .Ubuntu is one of Linux most user friedly OS .
But if you are addicted of MS products i recommend you to stay on XP , instead of buying a new computer.
Although of all people saying , Microsoft stills giving support to XP, a all security fails still being corrected, so there are no reasong to buy a new computer yet .
Meanwhile if you are a programmer (i am a programmer), and you need to develop applications to x64 bit platforms , probably you should.
One of this days i will need to buy a new computer due this.
The image below suggests how Vista works on a low lever overview.

Table moves virtual memory segments to RAM,
when it´s necessary, in way to get more memory to running processes

Is interesting to know that major of x32 application will not work on x64 btis platforms.
It will bring to much time to adapt current software to the x64 bits , so platforms running under x32 bits are enought yet.

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