sábado, 19 de maio de 2007

FreeBSD programmers claim that Microsoft uses their code

A package that implements TCP/IP protocol , and distibuted under FreeBSD lisence is creating a great polemic , after the Wall Street Journal publish an article called "Microsoft Uses Open-Source Code Despiste Denying Use of Such Software".
Second the journal "software connected with the FreeBSD open-source operating system is used in several places deep inside several versions of Microsoft's Windows software, such as in the `TCP/IP' section that arranges all connections to the Internet."

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Meanwhile some Microsoft approached staff says that all this accusations are trully false by saying :
Anyway the FreeBSD programmers who reported all this to the Wall Street Journal can't see the NT TCP/IP source either, so they can't have been referring to that"

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Follows the war between the
small and great.
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