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Splash screens with PHP-GTK

Splash screen is a term used to describe an image that appears while a computer program is loading. Splash screens often don't cover the entire screen, but only a rectangle near the center. The splash screens of operating systems and some applications that expect to be run full-screen usually cover the entire screen [WIKI]
On this article we will learn how to build splash screens using PHP5.2-GTK2

Generally we start build the spalsh thinking on a image, that you must to choose before.
The image used on my class is on the format *.png .

The splash class uses the gtk class - GTKImage to load the image file, and the widget is added to an vbox container, but you can add it to gtkwidow instead.
... follows the class splash

Right nest we will build a new class test to check the result of class splash builded above
Follows the code

The image next was used as splash screen on the code chunk

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