quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2007

Magic Key - briging hope based on bits

Here´s a prove that informatic can be used to make a better world, bringing at least some hope to others, that can´t make the difference, because they simply can´t.
Luis Figueiredo a portuguese teacher on Polytechnical Institute of Guarda (I.P.G.), an institution to graduate students of different areas, is developing an advanced system that makes possible move mouse cursor on screen, using the eyes movement only, with need the user be static in front on computer screen.
Magic Key project lider Luis Figueiredo

The project called Magic Key intend to improve some powerfull tool on tetraplegic people for example, reason enought to take this project on.
The project had hard days at the beggining, but it had a good acceptance by some
entities as Foundation Augusto Gil that gave tottally support to project, almost the start of it.
On the 6ª ediction of the award Engº Jaime Filipe, the project won a deserved honor mention , on 2001, and gave to know the project to all media .
If you need to know more about this project visit the site Magic Key

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