quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2007

Make your company cleaver and dynamic

CRM means Customer Relationship Management .
This concept is used to define all available tools, used to automatize
proximity functions with custumer.
Those tools include informatized systems and a coorpotative attitude change, that helps
enterprises to create and mantain and optmize relashinship between them and their custumers.
It is the key to build supra and clever relashionships of data, about their activities and
interactions to the company .

On software level, implement this kind of systems not only can, but is and clever tool to
evaluate custumers file historic, maintain the list of payements, build
activities reports,inspect required services...
This process of managment embbed on Business Intelligence, practicals that entterprises
should use to make business more cleaver and dynamic.

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