quarta-feira, 23 de maio de 2007

AlphaWorks - push your business to innovation

AlphaWorks is a IBM´s project that main objective is to supply to community all results from reasearch and mature discovers on emerget technologies, possibly people from all over the world to get all this technology and tools to work on it, free of charges.
The project was began on 1996 , and it already produced 700 emergent technologies.
AlfaWorks emerging technologies are provided as downloads, usually with a 90-day trial license.
The alphaWorks Services are on-demand applications developed by teams of IBM from all over the world and available on web-based packages.
The alphaWorks services do not require any license.
It can be your enterprise opportunity to start being part of a new business model , because IBM AlphaWoks project will surely help you to innovate, collaborate, and reduce your development time.
If you need to know more about this project visit the offcial web site on Alpha Works

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