quarta-feira, 13 de junho de 2007

2 Life unlimited dreams are possible now

Second Life is more than a game.
It´s a 3-D virtual world builded by the residents (is the name given to the people that became member)
All you need is make a free registration.

Create an avatar your personal appearence on the virtual world.
Became owner of your territory.
Meet people and live conversations.
Advertise your bussiness or institution (in Portugal Aveiro University did it already)
Make your own carrer , by programming stuff to the virtual world.
The language of scripting on this world is knowed as Linden Script Language (LSL).
It´s similiar like C or Java and allows to control objets and avatars , by building "lindgets" the name
i gave to those creations, or build mini-games or other complex programs.
You can find Wiki resources on

2 Life LSL Portal


2 Life Forum


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